Women's empowerment


Team bskool

Women's empowerment is the process of empowering women. Empowerment can be defined in many ways, however, when talking about women's empowerment, empowerment means accepting and including people (women) who are on the outside of the decision-making process into it.

Women’s empowerment is the most crucial point to be noted for the overall development of a country. Many celebrities are all for girl power such as Liza Koshy and Lilly Singh (who has her own late night show and has won many awards and also raised money.This puts a strong emphasis on participation in political structures and formal decision-making and, in the economic sphere, on the ability to obtain an income that enables participation in economic decision-making. Empowerment is the process that creates power in individuals over their own lives, society, and in their communities. People are empowered if they have an access to opportunities without any limitations or restrictions such as in education, profession and in their way of life. Feeling entitled to make your own decisions creates a sense of empowerment. Empowerment includes the action of raising the status of women through education, raising awareness, literacy, and training and also give training related to self defense. Women's empowerment is all about equipping and allowing women to make life-determining decisions through the different problems in society.

Originally published  2021

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